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In a society where running yourself into the ground is not only the norm but often rewarded, it’s easy to steadily suppress our bodies’ warning signals. We rarely allow ourselves time to recover, return to balance, recoup. We do the bare minimum to sustain ourselves — while at the same time we’re dodging all sorts of bullets: pollution (noise, air, water, sound), negative energy from people, economic stress…

Sound familiar? Of course it does. You need to transform your exhausted, depleted, running-on-fumes self.  You need a touchstone.

A touchstone is an ancient tool used to determine the quality and purity of precious metals — in the same way, I offer you tools to increase the quality of your life and work towards becoming the purest form of yourself.

I believe the definition of “quality” should spring from your image of where you want to be — not some arbitrary, external idea. My primary goal is to get you to a functional place, then provide you with education and tools so you can continue the work we have done together on your own.

I can help you declutter your body, your diet, your energy, and your closet. I’m here to help you become the well-oiled machine you know you can be. Be your best self.

Anna Stone